27/28 NOVEMBER - Plaza Mayor Medellín

Agronomist engineer, Aspiring Master’s in Entomology at the National University of Colombia.

She has been working in the avocado sector for 13 years, starting in the public sector as a leader of farms and exporting companies for the ICA (Colombian Agricultural Institute) in the Antioquia region. In this role, she conducted surveillance and control activities for registered farms and exporters in the department. She implemented official inspection programs for quarantine pests, paving the way for operational plans that enabled Colombia to export to the United States, China, and Japan. Since 2019, she has served as the Director of Supply in the private sector for various companies in the country (FLP, Jardín Exotics, Managro, currently working at Coltropicos). She is nationally recognized for her consistent commitment to fruit quality in this important sector. Through fair proposals, she promotes the export of Colombian Hass avocados to the world.